army vs. lovely

Dress Yumi, Black jeans Nudie, Cardigan H&M, Shoes Post xchange

Firstly, I want to apologize for almost not blogging last week. I promise it won't happen again!
Army vs. lovely, that was my source of inspiration by choosing this outfit. You would probably not combine these shoes, which would survive in war, with this Alexa Chung inspired cute dress. But that's just what it makes it interesting.
Life would be so boring if everything would fit perfectly together..


9 favorite looks of Spring 2011

Roughness and glam-rock at the show of my favorite label; Balmain

Acne goes for simplistic and beautiful red

Bring the sixties back with this brigt white look of Stella McCartney

Great shapes at 3.1 Phillip Lim

Lanvin goes for gorgeous pink

An amazing opening dress at Lanvin

White combined with brown leather at Diesel Black Gold

Twenty8twelve makes streetstyle high fashion

Sweet as always is the collection of Whitney Eve



Vest River Island, T-sirt Zara, Jeans H&M, Wedges Friis & Company, Necklace Selfmade

My father bought me this vest a couple of months ago as a present and I immediately fell in love with it. The color and texture are so sweet, but combined with the black and dark jeans it can also be kind of cool.
It wasn't meant to be oversized, but I wanted it a couple of sizes bigger because I thought it was part of the fit.
I think this outfit shows perfectly that sweet and tough can be combined and that it is a perfect balance for an every day outfit.



Winter is about to end, but today was all about the upcoming fall/winter of 2011/12. Fashion forward, and I bet it is. Summer is yet to come and you already have to think about the trends of next winter. Pretty weird, but hey, that's just the way it works!

Today, all brands came together in Amsterdam for already the #30th edition of the Modefabriek. It was a pretty cool event with a 'Nudie Jeans' live band, a catwalk show of Aaiko, a lot of amazing collections and last but not least, a vintage store. All beautiful pieces of Balmain, CloĆ©, John Galliano, Stella McCartney and Paul & Joe said Hi to me when I walked into this 'High End' vintage store. My mom bought this beautiful and colorful necklace by John Galliano, what was really cool. And of course, I am also able to wear this beautiful piece of design..
xox, V


H&M; a Huge Miracle

I always wonder what the secret is behind H&M.. They have such great campagnes, it looks just like high fashion. Some say it is only fast fashion, but I think they are creating a whole new concept on their own. They are commercial, while on the other hand they are working with worlds greatest designers in the fashion industry like Viktor and Rolf, and Karl Lagerfeld.
In my opinion, H&M is just a genius concept which has taken over the world. You can go there for basics, but also for unique pieces.
Another great thing about H&M:
Lanvin is rocking my wardrobe because of them ;)


ice blue

Blouse Only, Scarf Zara, Jeans H&M, Gilet H&M, Shoes Esprit

The thing about the sun is that you think it's warm when it shines. But that's not always the case..
Like today, a clear sky with the sun shining down on you, but don't think you can hang out in your t-shirt. And of course I was wearing a jacket, but I took it off for this shoot. My ice blue Zara scarf had to keep me warm =)


only dark

Shirt and shorts Only, Shoes Friis Company

I just bought this satin shirt and these vintage looking shorts. I am obsessed with shorts and skirts right now, I really like them. They are perfect all year long, in the winter with leggings and in the summer with nice tanned legs..


Green fingers

Who thought gardeners would ever be inspiring?
This nail polish makes me want to have green fingers. Can you believe it? It's going to be my new favorite color.
But for a more natural look I choose this brown-greyish or cute soft pink nail polish.
What do you think?

A day off..

I hear you guys thinking.. She's been very lazy and didn't blog anything this weekend..
But to be honest, I wasn't lazy at all. It was a very busy weekend at work and I had to work for around 25 hours. But gladly I love my job, so I don't mind.
Today, I have a day off to relax a little bit and to take time for myself. I cleaned my closet, read in my favorite coffee table book 'The Influence' and played some music.. I can't get any better.


Sombre weather, sombre colors..

Top American Vintage, Shorts Only, Scarf Unknown, Wedges Friis Company, Necklace Selfmade, Ring Friis Company

Sombre weather asks for sombre colors. That is what I thought this morning when I stood before my closet..
But I won't let the rainy weather bring me down. I took my favorite shorts, which are these soft leather shorts I bought a couple of weeks ago and a big scarf to keep me warm.
Fashion makes everything good..