Elizabeth and James

I love this Spring/Summer collection of Elizabeth and James,
by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.


Pinky promise

Blouse Culture, Pants Zara, Shoes Comforta, Ring H&M

It has been about a week ago that I post my last blog and I have to apologize for that.. I had some busy days last week and the weather was also not very helpful to get me blogging again. Because of the weather, I was outside all the time and enjoyed the first signs of summer.
But enough of these excuses, I make a pinky promise that it won't happen again! And talking about pinky.. I was wearing my pink pants today and I totally love it.
That's another sign of summer: everyone is wearing bright and happy clothes, it just forces you to smile every second of the day. Enjoy!
xox, V


A day at the beach

Blazer H&M, Denim blouse SisterS Point, Jeans H&M, Shoes Vans

Because of the weather we had to go to the beach, there was just some force that was taking us to the west. And we didn't regret it, it was so lovely!
Besides tanning and relaxing, the beach also gave me inspiration. I love the seaside and especially during spring or autumn. The colors are sombre and cold, it looks perfect on camera. I couldn't help myself shooting over a hundred photos that day, so I chose my favorites to show you.
xox, V



Jumpsuit Smashed Lemon, Colbert Unknown, Necklace H&M, Clutch Primark

Last night, I went to IVY Magazine's THE ISSUE launchparty. The location was Club Vie, Rotterdam. Their Spring collection was shown during a fashion show and there were some performances.
I had a very good time and I have to admit I also shook my booty at the dance floor.. ;)
xox, V


Shoot you

Blazer H&M, High-waisted jeans H&M, Top Molly Bracken, Scarf Unkown, Shoes Vans

Friday night..

Dress H&M

What to wear to an event is always a big issue.. I'm not a type who buys a expensive dress and thinks she's done for the night. I prefer to mix and match chique with casual to give my outfits a little twist. Also with such an event I want to find that balance between classy and fashionable.
So I jumped into my closet and found this fabulous dress which I think is AWESOME. I love the color of it and the 'necklace' is kind of funny too.
I'm still doubting whether I'm going to wear this dress friday night to the launch of IVY Magazine, THE ISSUE. But I am sure I can find some good accessoires and shoes to make this look complete.
Stay tuned!
xox, V



 Blazer SisterS Point, T-shirt Zara, Pants Only One, Necklace self-made

Stripes stripes stripes..
They are in all colors and sizes, but I prefer black and white.
I like the big contrast between these 2 'colors' and you can never do wrong with wearing black and white stripes. It can also be a little bit boring, but by wearing stripes with stripes it gets a kind of twist. Pretty cool I guess.
xox, V