Sziget diary


I remember last year, it was May and my first festival experience was going to happen. I was excited and curious at the same time, I only knew festivals from pictures and tv, but I had no idea how it felt to be part of it. I went with a couple of friends to one of Hollands biggest festivals, Pinkpop, lasting 3 days. Here, I discovered a whole new world. I always hated camping. The small tent, the dirt around you, walking to the toilet while you almost peed your pants, the 2 hour lines for the showers.. Not for me! But there is something magic about camping on a festival. It makes you feel you're really a part of the whole festival life and being dirty isn't that bad anyway (yes, I said that!). I loved it and I had the best time of my life.
That's why I decided to take my next festival experience to a higher level. This summer, I traveled 1300 km to Boedapest to be part of Sziget, one of Europe's biggest festivals. It was totally different from what I had seen before. The people, the 24 hour music, the stages, the art and the constant living in a cloud of dust.. 8 days was long, but I wouldn't want to have missed it. I had again the time of my life. That's why I kind of made a promise with myself that I go at least to one big festival each year. And not just one day, but with camping included!
xox V.



Berlin baby +



Me and 3 of my best friends made a citytrip through Europe this summer. Our first stop was crazy Berlin, where we spent 3 days of amazing holiday. We've been very cultural, but also enjoyed the nightlife of trendy Berlin. It was my second time in Berlin, but I still think it's a beautiful city who made his history his best friend.
If you love to travel and have never been in Berlin? Go there! You'll have a great time.


There is sun, there is love +

Another day at the beach! I loved it. The sand, the sea, the sun and the loving people around me make me so happy. I want to be there every day. Enjoy your summer too,
Love xox