At the airport. Here is were it all began.

 My cousin Snappy was having his debut on Breakfast TV. We got up very early because we didn't knew the exact time he was on. But we saw the big entertainer live on TV and we were very proud of him. I am sure we were his biggest fans watching.

My aunt took me to the Bata Shoe Museum in downtown Toronto. It was really cool that she took me there because she knows how much I love shoes. I adore them. So at this museum, we saw shoes from all kind of centuries and cultures. It was really fascinating and a fun thing to do. Amazing how people make such beautiful shoes out of nothing. Just don't have words for that. It's just awesome.

 Some shots of downtown Toronto, Bloor street.

A beautiful sweater and tanktop my aunt gave to me. She really wanted to buy me something and I immediately fell in love with this top. Love the color and the texture.

So, these are some photos of my first 2 days in Toronto. I love it over here and I love it being with my family again. The weather is quite good, so we're just going outside and do some nice things. Can't wait till Sunday to see my wonderful cousin Snappy playing at the festival with his band House of David Gang.
Stay tuned!
Love from Canada,


Girl on the move

My bags are packed and I am ready to go to Toronto. That's where I will be the next 3 weeks and I am so excited! I can't believe I finally will be able to spend time with my overseas family again. My fashion blog will kind of turn into a 'fashion/travel' blog, so stay tuned! :)
xox, V


Yummi Yumi

Yesterday, we went to Antwerp to buy the SS12 collection by Yumi and I was knocked down by it. It was so pretty and different from the other collections, Yumi did a really great job. The showroom was simple but cute and it gave it that little touch that is needed in such a presentation. The colors were gorgeous and a coral colored dress made me go to heaven (the dress in the fifth photo, not the one with the white but the other one ;)).
After that, we went into to downtown Antwerp to shop and see the beautiful things of Antwerp. There was one window that really catched my eye (7th photo). I thought it was a very creative way of making something stupid as sale into something fun.
xox, V 


Black cat

Black maxi dress H&M, Sandals old, Suede bag unknown

A cold summer day. AGAIN. I hate it, but it gave me the opportunity to wear this black maxi dress. I was forced to wear my leather jacket upon it, but sometimes, when the sun came through, I was able to take it off. Summer was there for just a couple of minutes.. But hey, you have to take what you get!
xox V


Try to beat these beads

Beads Mi Casa, €2,50 to €7,50

The last 2 days I have spent hours on making these beads. It was been a while, but I enjoyed it again. Almost 5 years ago, my mom and I started our own label. Since then, many brands were also taking over this trend and started to make their own beads. But to be honest, I think Mi Casa still has one of the strongest concepts because of the innovative and different collections, the good quality and the low prices.
We worked hard on this collection, but we are really proud of it and dying to hear the reactions. What do you think? :)
xox, V


Polder fashion

1 and 2: Snapshots Modefabriek
3: Front row @ Halé Bob with my colleague/friend
4 to 8: Colorful looks on the catwalk
9: Detailed shot of my look

Today was a big day in the world of Dutch fashion, because the Modefabriek SS12 edition took place in Amsterdam. I thought the level of high fashion was kind of disappointing, but hey, it's the Netherlands. I know, I know.. We only know our 'Polder fashion' and of course we also have the economic crisis. But in my opinion, creativity has nothing to do with money.
We also went to the Halé Bob show, which was kind of shocking. I have seen quite some shows before, but I never saw such scary, thin models and such bad shoes (I mean the worst shoes in the world!). I am really really sorry for being so negative, but it's just the truth..

Although, it's always quite fun to visit such an event and the Modefabriek did a great job giving young and new designers a chance to present themselves. Also the new edition of trash & treasures was a great succes. I loved it. I was in heaven when I saw this vintage, turquoise, oversized jacket by YSL. I bought it for myself as a present because I thought I deserved it, because a fractured jaw had ruined my vacation 6 hours after we arrived. Bad luck. But this coat from heaven made me happy again. Good luck. =)


Girls vacation

It is the 8th of June and that means today my vacation starts officially!
So, I have packed my bags and I am leaving within one hour to Albufeira, Portugal. It's a girls only vacation and I am really excited about it. We´re going to have so much fun over there.
This vacation also means no more posts the coming week, but I will post photos of beautiful Portugal when I am back home.

So say goodbye boring Oss and hello shiny Albufeira!

And for everyone who is also going on vacation:
I hope you all will have the time of your life!
xox, V



Ring Happinez

This beautiful ring I got from my mother because I finished my 5th year VWO. I worked really hard for it and I am very happy I am done with it. I have only one year to go and hopefully I will graduate next year so I will be able to spread my wings and see the world.
xox, V


Road trip

Cut shorts H&M, Blouse DIDI, Belt Primark

I really don't mind sitting in the car for hours and hours. It has become kind of a routine, because every time we go somewhere, we have to drive about 2 hours. But I never get bored.
Well.. sometimes I do. In this case, I grab my camera and take pictures of random things around me. Life can be so easy.
Take care.
xox, V



Today, I felt so incredibly lucky that I was where I was.Me and my mom were buying the spring 2012 collection of Culture, where we found this amazing brand with the best leather in the world.
This leather is made of a plant (I personally never heard of that) and it feels and looks amazing. I ordered some pieces which are going to rock my days this autumn/winter.
Oh baby, I feel so blessed!
xox, V