At the airport. Here is were it all began.

 My cousin Snappy was having his debut on Breakfast TV. We got up very early because we didn't knew the exact time he was on. But we saw the big entertainer live on TV and we were very proud of him. I am sure we were his biggest fans watching.

My aunt took me to the Bata Shoe Museum in downtown Toronto. It was really cool that she took me there because she knows how much I love shoes. I adore them. So at this museum, we saw shoes from all kind of centuries and cultures. It was really fascinating and a fun thing to do. Amazing how people make such beautiful shoes out of nothing. Just don't have words for that. It's just awesome.

 Some shots of downtown Toronto, Bloor street.

A beautiful sweater and tanktop my aunt gave to me. She really wanted to buy me something and I immediately fell in love with this top. Love the color and the texture.

So, these are some photos of my first 2 days in Toronto. I love it over here and I love it being with my family again. The weather is quite good, so we're just going outside and do some nice things. Can't wait till Sunday to see my wonderful cousin Snappy playing at the festival with his band House of David Gang.
Stay tuned!
Love from Canada,

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  1. Lieve Verena, ik zond je zojuist een reactie, er staat nu dat er 0 reacties zijn, dus ik weet niet of hij verstuurd is.

    Kun je even reageren in je blog aan mij?

  2. Ik denk dat ik het gevonden heb, ik moest eerst een eigen blog maken op mijn Google account.
    Ik schreef dat je zulke geweldige verhalen en foto's had gestuurd in je blog

    en dat je je tante niet "ant" moet noemen , want dat betekent "mier", maar "aunt" dat is tante.

    Zoen, opa, en vertel meer, want ik zal je volgen elke dag