Because we can't live without shoes..

What an awesome way to display your shoes!
I always find it difficult to find a good way to store my shoes, but this is a pretty good option if you have an empty wall.

 Because a woman can never ever have enough shoes.. :)


The vintage shirt

Shirt Vintage

A couple of weeks ago, I found this vintage shirt in a very cool vintage store in Amsterdam. I was crazy about the fact that it was so retro and I just love everything that has this color.
I would combine it with a jeans and gold jewelry to give it a more modern look.
I start to appreciate vintage more and more since I've been in a couple of really awesome vintage stores. I also found the coolest hairy jacket I every saw. It's so retro.

I still didn't had a change to wear this shirt, due to the fact that I bought it for my 18th birthday, but it's patiently waiting for me in my closet. :)
xox, V.


Get off that catwalk

If I am looking for some inspiration, I prefer to look at street shots rather than the catwalk. It's way more interesting to see what people do to make a look their own and not just wear a complete, unimaginative catwalk look.
I chose these shots because every look is great, due to their simplicity. Simple silhouettes and edgy accessoires together with some rockabilty; these girls rock the streets during the Fashion Weeks all over the world.


You've got mail..

Blouses Zara

You've got mail..
from the Zara heaven.

Since I have to stay home because of personal reasons, internet shopping has become my new hobby (read: going through the entire collection of almost every well-known webshop, select my favorites and switch to another shop without buying anything. You can say much about it, but at least it's cheap).

But sometimes, just sometimes, being wise isn't the best option and you have to give yourself something nice. I never buy anything online, but after seeing the Zara November Lookbook, I went from crazy to nuts because I loved just every item. They styled it in a very innovative and different way; combinations you wouldn't think of in the first place. Although I am not really into the prints and bright colors, I was most crazy about the floral and snake print. Gorgeous.

Amazing what a cardboard box with pink paper in it can do..
I love Zara online!



Boots Bronx

After 9 months of waiting and searching I finally found these little monsters. Lucky me!



I was so crazy about Bon Iver's version of the song Skinny Love, that I totally forgot about the genius Jasmine van den Bogaerde, Birdy, who recently released a cover of this beautiful song.
Her voice is so deep and dark, I just can't believe she's just an 15 year old girl. Unbelievable how amazing she is, I just can't stop listening to her voice. I hope she's able to develop her gift to the fullest, because she's so worth it.

revi nob

"Cut out all the ropes and let me fall"
- Bon Iver.