The darkness inside +

I love our garden, especially at night. It has something mysterious with those amazing lights coming through these handmade lamps from Egypt. It's so beautiful.


London's calling

 I think you all know that I love going to other countries and different places. Now I am a year out of school, I want to travel as much as possible, see lots of beautiful places and get to know the world a little bit more. In my opinion, traveling is the best way to learn. You're not only learning from different cultures, you also learn from yourself, meet different people you would never meet in the first place and broaden your vision.

The last three days I went to London with my mom. It gave this trip to my mom as a birthday gift, because I wanted to give her something special we could do together. We were really lucky we got the opportunity to stay in a great apartment in King Street. There is so much happening in this part of the city that using the subway was almost unnecessary. We didn't so much of the cultural stuff: we saw Buckingham Palace, Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus and China Town. The main reason why we went to London is of course shopping. The stores are amazing and I get so much inspiration walking through this fashionable city. My favorite's are definitely Topshop (of course), Urban Outfitters, All Saints and the small British stores, but the Zara, Mango and Primark are also so much better than we know in the Netherlands. In other words: shopping in London is truly recommended!
And next to the shopping, London is also a food paradise. Next to our apartment in King Street is the amazing Jamie's Italian located. It's always busy, it has lovely waiters, great chefs and a amazing atmosphere. Jamie, I love you! (your food of course;) )

Enjoy London some time,
xox Verena.