Club Manhattan

Last sunday, I was at the 'Modefabriek' in Amsterdam and discovered the brand Club Manhattan. They use a lot of metal in their jewelry and their style is really awesome and edgy. I bought this silver snake ring that covers almost every vinger of my hand, which I totally love, and a feather bracelet in a mix of bronze and gold metal.
They have a store in Amsterdam, so I am sure I'm going to visit this store when I'm in Amsterdam again! Check it out.


Back to 2011 part deux

 July was definitely a month of ups and downs. It started good: my grades were high enough to go to the next, and last, year of school, so my mom gave me this beautiful ring. I love the details of it and that they combined silver and gold in one ring.
Later, July became a true hell. I went with my friends on vacation to Portugal, but ended up on my flight back to Holland after six hours because I fractured my jaw in Portugal. So no vacation for me, but luckily I also planned a trip to my family in Canada at the end of July, so that made my summer a bit happier again :)

 My trip to Toronto, Canada, continued in August. It was one of the best and most special trips I've ever made. One of the reasons for that is that it was the first time I went so far all by myself. I learned so much and I never wanted to miss it!

 In September, everything became quite normal again. School started again and my jaw started to recover. Back to reality.

 In October I bought this red platforms from heaven; I still love them. I also went to the museum of The Hague to the 'Fashion <3 Art' exposition. It was really cool to see all these beautiful creations by the greatest fashion designers of this and last century.

 In November, I bought some great vintage pieces in a vintage store in Amsterdam. I totally loved this store and it made me a real vintage lover. I also went to Paris for a couple of days. The weather was so soft I didn't even had to wear a jacket, so it was a perfect time to be in lovely Paris.

December, a hectic month with Christmas and New Year's at the end. The cold winter weather finally made its entrance.
We went into 2012 like the best, it was a great evening and I couldn't wish for more. I hope 2012 will bring me and the rest of the world a lot of good.
Wish you all the best.


Back to 2011 part 1

January 2011, this is where it all began. I became the blogger of this blog because I wanted to share my passion for fashion and because I love to take pictures. There is so much to share with the rest of the world, so why won't you do that?

This is the month I broke my mirror, created my own walk-in closet and went to Antwerp, because it's such a great city to shop. I love the shops there, especially Urban Outfitters and All Saints. I can spend hours in there! (It reminds me that I have to go back very, very soon!)

March wasn't a very exciting month. We had a fashion show with the spring/summer collection of Update; shoes and fashion and the sunny weather started very early, a thing I really really liked!

April is the month of Queensday, something which is very populair in Holland and a thing everyone celebrates in red, white, blue and orange. Of course my outfit was also in these colors, so if you think I look like a total retard in this photos, that's the reason! ;) I also went to a really cool concert of a Dutch group at 013 with my friends. Me and 2 friends of mine where the lucky ones who were able to take a picture with one of the guys!

May, the month the summer started for me. The weather was good, I went to the first festival of 2011, went to the concert of the Dutch singer Marco Borsato and went biking with school in the most hilly village in Holland: Valkenburg. We went there for 3 days and it was really tough, but we had a great time together. I will never forget that!

June, one of the best months of the year. For the first time in my life, I went to a big festival. What an experience! I saw a lot of awesome bands, slept in a tent and spent 3 great days with my friends. I loved being at Pinkpop and I would love to go back some time. Unfortunately not this year because of my exams, but what about next year?!


The darkness inside


Everyone has to find his or her light when darkness appears again. There is nothing better than be that light for someone else, but if no one else is able to give it to you, you have to create that little light by yourself. Cause there is no one else in the world who can do that better than you can do.