Goodmorning #

Goodmorning readers! Today is the day I'v been waiting for so long. It's hopefully the last day of my school career in high school and I am so excited for the summer. I have some great plans you'll all hear from (and of course I'll post pics of all my experiences). Tonight me and my friends will celebrate the start of our holiday. Never thought this moment would come so fast! Enjoy xxx.


E & J / M & A

We all know that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen take care of the fact that there are a bunch of awesome fashion brands on the market. But time after time, they outdo themselves. In my opinion, their brand Elizabeth and James is the best of all. It's young, fashionable, stylish, comfortable and modern. The Elizabeth and James Textile Spring 2012 is lovely and edgy at the same time. If there is a certain style I love, this is the one. So clean and a perfect balance between patterns and the use of color. If I could, I would wear every single outfit in this phenomenal collection.


New in

Jeans short H&M Fashion against aids collection, Sunglasses H&M Fashion against aids collection, Shoes Sasha, Lace top H&M

To keep me from learning 24/7, I just have to do something different. Shopping is of course a good alternative.
I am crazy about the H&M Fashion against aids collection. I love the Aztecs print goes together with the jeans! I also found these amazing leather platforms, aren't these shoes from heaven??!
Let the summer begin!
xox, V


at MET

Cloe Sevigny in Miu Miu

Kate Bosworth in Prada
Diana Kurger in Prada

Mary-Kate Olsen in The Row

Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney

Coco Rocha in vintage Givenchy

Various creations on the red carpet of the Costume Institute Gala 2012 @ MET. All very different, but I love them all.


Inspirations 3'5'12

During study days like this I just need to find something to clear my mind. I can't just sit and study for hours. The best way for me is to do something else after a couple of hours and start again. And what's better than finding some inspirational pics? Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration sometimes.