After a couple of happy days with my family and friends, I am the lucky owner of three beautiful books.
The first own I got is called 'A year in fashion; a look a day'(what is pretty funny because my blog is called 'a day in fashion'). It's kind of a diary with a beautiful picture, a small note and some space to write yourself on every page.
The books I got from my aunt and my uncle are called 'In Vogue; the illustrated history of the world's most famous fashion magazine' and 'Alexander McQueen; Savage Beauty'. The photos in it are really breathtaking and I couldn't find the time to take a look at all the pages, so I know what to do the coming days!

I hope you all had great days.
Lots of love,


A whiter black

All I want for Christmas is.. snow!
It´s only 2 days before Christmas Eve and year after year, my wish is to have a white Christmas. It may sound weird, but I just love the idea of it. It gives that perfect Christmas feeling and have you ever seen a Christmas movie without snow? Well, I never saw one! Although a white Christmas is very rare in the Netherlands, we had one last year and the year before. Before 2009, we had a 'green' Christmas for thirty years. Can you imagine? That must have been so depressing! Well, I hope this year will be our third white Christmas in a row. The snow will light up the streets in these dark winter evenings.



Pants SisterS Point, Shoes Bronx

It's getting colder and colder and Christmas is only a few days away. December is definitely one of my favorite months!



Now I have plenty of time to clean up and redecorate my room, I could finally give my necklaces a place where they are all together in stead of throwing them everywhere in my room.
Ordered as I am, I put gold with gold, silver with silver, short with short etc. I just like to have my clothes and accessoires ordered, I can't help it..
A good necklace needs a good place to stay. :)


Winter is coming to town

Leather jacket and Tee Chick with Guns, Pants H&M, Hat Pieces, Scarf Update



Raggamuffin was my first meeting with the Belgian singer Selah Sue. And ever since I heard her singing, I am crazy about her.
Not only her voice is goddamn awesome, I also love her appearance. Her hair like candy, her perfect eyeliner and her petite figure makes me almost fall in love with her.
And ever since I started to play my guitar again, I am dying to learn one of her songs.
I am sure we'll hear more and more about her in the near future,
so be prepared.



Snake blazer SisterS Point, Floral blouse Zara

Normally, I am not really into colorful patterns, but lately I am crazy about snake and floral prints.
It also brings some kind of happiness into these dark December days. Exactly what I need.


I prefer it grey

Some people say to me: 'Why are your photos so blurry?'
A simple explanation for that is that I think that sometimes things are just more interesting if they're not black and white.
Things are not right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, good or bad. Everything is relative.

I just like my photos blurry.

Nothing in life is black and white.
'Therefore, I prefer to see things grey'.

2nd hand webshop

I am very changeable and I like to change my wardrobe,
that's why I want to put parts of my wardrobe on sale.
Check it out!