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 This view and a delicious coffee. I can't ask for more..

 I was scared as hell in the elevator (totally made from glass!!) up there, but I was so glad I took this chance to see Toronto from a different angle (at the hight of 550 meters).
The view was breathtaking, but I think the photos say enough.

 Another great thing about Toronto is that you have everything in ONE city. High buildings, big parks, harbors, markets, lakes, beaches etc. So, after our visit to the CN Tower, we went to the Harbourfront to have dinner.

My last day in Toronto was a beautiful sunny day, so we went to the beach to grab my last bit of sun for the next coming year.

Now I am back in Holland and I look back to a trip what you can call a trip of a lifetime!
Love, V.


Start spreading the news..

 Yesterday, Snappy had to play at the Rasta Fest in the northern part of Toronto. It was the second time (with his TV performance actually the third) I saw him play. Being there was really relax and nice, but getting there was a little bit heavier. We were kind of late and we had to run from the subway to this park in the burning sun until my feet were bleeding, not so nice.. ;) But luckily we made it on time for this performance !! :)
 Love these sandals!!!

 Downtown Toronto there is this awesome graffiti place were graffiti artists can create everything they want. Some of them were just so beautiful, it's great that the city gives these artists a place where graffiti is legal.

Last night, Toronto celebrated the 8th anniversary of the 2003 Blackout. The Blackout was a widespread outage in the Northeastern and Midwestern part of the US and Ontario, Canada. All the electricity shut down and everyone was on the street having a good time, giving drinks away, making music etc. It was an amazing experience that they wanted to celebrate with a tribute to this. So we went on our bikes through the city with this massive amount of people and we all came together on the intersection at Queen street. It was so great to be a part of this happening.

start spreading the news.. I am leaving today..
While.. not today actually, but today is my last day at Snappy's place and I am going to be at my aunts place for just 3 days, so it's kind of getting to the end right now..
I feel kind of sad that I almost have to end this trip. I learned so much and I am so glad that I finally come to know my family in Canada. But best of all, I will take all these great lessons and experiences with me to Holland and make my life work again. Although the chronic pain in my jaw I had the best time of my life and I will never forget this.
Bless you,


City lights

The city is limitless, especially by night. I took these photos at, like they call it, the 'Times Square' of Toronto. It definitely reminded me of New York: there is so much happening at one place at the same time. That's why I want to live in the city, because the city never sleeps.
xox, V

Pure perfection

Today was definitely a great day. I saw so many things and took so many beautiful photos that I don't even know where to start..

People always use to say that nothing and nobody is perfect. Well, I definitely changed my mind about that today. Besides all the crap and tourism is this beautiful nature, a magical force with so much perfection and power you can't even imagine. That's what I saw today at the Niagara Falls and the gardens. Pure beauty.

Walking towards the Niagara Falls wasn't fun at all. We ended up walking in a giant rain storm and the trees turned out not to be such a good shelter.. Second shower that day and totally soaked. But after a while the sun came finally through and that made up for everything. I couldn't believe the force over there, you could really feel the power of nature in this area.
There is no life without water.

 Some close-ups of beautiful flowers and nature in these peaceful gardens down in Niagara.

 On our way back to Toronto, we saw this amazing sunset.

 But I also realized that besides the creations of human nature, the creations of human beings also have beauty in them. And there are different ways of seeing this. I was dying to make photos when I saw this city skyline by night through my car window, so I took my camera and started to make pictures. Thanks to a bumpy road, a driving car and millions of lights I took these (in my opinion) beautiful and dynamic photos. Actually I took them by accident, but I think they are really great because they show the movement and speed of the city.
It's definitely a different kind of beauty than the nature, but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful too. I think it's great to have this balance between human nature and human creations. That's what keeps a country like Canada alive.
Lots of love, V