Scarf Tuk Tuk, Lace top SisterS Point, Pants Zara, Ring Exoal

Because of my desire to the summer and my frustration to the cold weather, I decided to bring the summer into my head with this giant colorful scarf. The other reason was to keep me warm on this cold februari day, so it was kind of a win-win situation.
I'm just loving the colors of this scarf, it already makes me happy if I look at it!
Happy cold days..
xox, V



Leather shorts SisterS Point, Jeans jacket Chick with Guns, Sweater H&M,
Boedha Necklace Mi Casa


Deep purple

Baseball jacket Nike, Blouse Vera Moda, Jeans Chick with Guns, Watch Regal,
Shoes Vans, Scarf Unknown

I thought it was time for some color. I swore it was going to be a sunshiny warm day, but nothing was less true.. It was freezing outside and the sun did nothing to make it better. My scarf had to keep me warm today, because I still have a cold.
Although, the weather wasn't bringing me down in chosing color. I really love the deep purple of this baseball jacket. It's cool, warm and with the touch of some yellow stripes also kind of sporty. It's an easy look, but I really needed a comfy outfit while having a long day at school. Fashion will always come first, but sometimes you also have to be practical..
xox, V


3.1 Phillip Lim

Spending your days behind closed doors because you have a flu is not that fun, BUT there is also a positive side of the story. NYFW is about to end and almost all the looks are online, so now I have plenty of time to go through them.
After seeing their Spring collection RTW I knew it right away: I'm in love with 3.1 Phillip Lim. And again the Fall 2011 collection is gorgeous. I really love how they work with the silhouettes, they show that oversized can be so incredibly feminine and high-fashion. It's simplicity with the use of great fabrics and colors. You just don't need more..
xox, V


Spring collection

Some shots of our spring collection:

- Close-up of the collection of Yumi
- A shot of the store
- I bought this rough jacket a couple of months ago and I love it
- A shot of Aaiko's spring collection: get the safari look!
- These Vans in bright colors are a great option for wearing flats in the summer
- The collection of American Vintage, the best basics you can get
- For heavens sake please just buy me. it's what you want and what I want
- A shot of the jewelry collection of Friis & Company. Love it!

A day @ work

I know it's not normal for a seventeen-year-old girl to say that work is a big part of her life, but some things in life just aren't normal.. My job means the world to me and I am 100% sure that I couldn't make it to 5vwo if I wasn't able to work in fashion after school. It's something quite busy with all the homework and everything, but it's worth it!
Of course, I also feel very blessed that I have the opportunity. Not everyone gets such a chance. But I do and I am taking it with both hands.

I took some photos of the place where I work. It's called Update and is located on Kerkstraat 56 in Oss.
I will post these photos of our beautiful spring collection as soon as possible. Stay tuned!
x, V


Kind of Coco..

Chanel look-a-like Jacket H&M, Blouse Vera Moda, Watch Regal, Ring River Island

It's a busy day today with school and work. BUT I was able to find some time to blog an outfit, it has been to long, I know..

If there is a designer I would die to buy from, while, it would be Chanel.. I love the way it can be so classy and chic at the same time. And because I have a kind of low budget, I found this look-a-like Chanel jacket at H&M (where else?!). You have to be creative if you don't have a lot of money, not?



School is very hectic lately, so I have to put every hour I have into school..
But I was dying to show you this gorgeous shoot of Ashley Olsen. I posted some outtakes of the Marie Claire shoot she did a couple of months ago. I love the style of the shoot, it's representing Ashley's style in a very good way. She's a pure beauty and a strong woman.
I would die for such a shoot..
x, V


Broken mirrors

Grey leather baggy pants Sisters Point, Shoes Post exchange, Top Vera Moda

Last week I was cleaning my room because it was needed big time. It was going quite well until I was cleaning my writing desk and went so wild that my mirror (which is standing on my desk) almost fell down on me. I was reacting really fast, so luckily it didn't fell on the floor. But at the same time, my other -and way bigger- mirror fell on the ground. CHAOS.
My mirror is totally broken, but luckily I'm still able to use it. I think it's quite inspiring to see how your body is formed into different angles when you stand in front of this mirror now.
Sometimes, it's better to see the positive side of something that is actually quite negative.. ;)
x, V.



1. A part of the collection of Yumi
2. Detailed shot, black and white
3. Walking through Antwerp
4. Detailed shot of a beautiful Chanel-like coat
5. At the streets
6. Showroom of Yumi in Antwerp


January pics

January meant the start of a new year, with new possibilities. It was sometimes hectic, but after all a inspiring month.
The Modefabriek introduced a new retail season and I am already excited for what is to come for next winter. I found the perfect shoes at Bronx, a huge must have! But firstly, the summer will bring the colors in our wardrobes..

I am looking forward to February and what it will bring. Wish you all the best.
x V