Touch of heaven

Heels Tango

Last week, I bought these red platforms from heaven. I totally didn't need them, but when I saw them it was love at first sight.
Sometimes when you stop looking for something, it will eventually come to you anyway.


Fashion loves art

 YSL, inspired by Mondriaan.

 Haute Couture Dior.

 Givenchy, inspired by Frida.
 Alexander McQueen will live forever.

Last day at the 'fashion loves art' exposition in the Hague.


Don't judge me on my collar


Forget about the slutty cleavages, it's all about the high-necked collars. It's kind of geeky, but in combination with some good items it can be pretty awesome. Wear it with a necklace, sweater, cardigan or leather jacket for a different look every day.
Try, dare and inspire,
and most of all: don't be afraid.
Cuz like I said: Don't judge me on my collar!
x, V.



cheese, cheer, chair

Leather pants SisterS Point, Blouse H&M, Vest Zara, Shoes H&M

This is what you get if you have to read too many books, have to make too much homework and have too much to learn. My exam week is going like crazy.
So if you don't mind,
I am not going to take myself too seriously today.
Enjoy x


Givenchy Spring 2012

The Givenchy Spring 2012 collection. The beauty is within the shapes, silhouttes and simplicity.
In one word: gorgeous.