Nature calls

Pants Zara, Blazer H&M, T-shirt SisterS Point, Sandals Scholl

The beauty of nature is always right by your side.
You just have to open your eyes to see it.


Clear vs. misty

Skirt Smashed Lemon, Top Zara, Bag Unknown

Mother nature does what she wants, just like the weather.
And like everybody else.
Expect the unexpected.


Green days in Paris..

Shorts Bershka, Cutted 'I love Paris' T-shirt, Sandals Scholl, Rings Friis & Company and Primark

I looooooove these kind of days!! The sun is shining and everyone is showing their skin wearing little shorts and tank tops; the summer is bringing so much happiness.
But unfortunately, my happiness is kind of knocked down by my exam week and I have to study a lot. So I still have to work my ass off to get good grades, but the good news is:
after another 4 days of studying, sweating and stress, it's goodbye schoolbooks and hello vacation!
I can't hardly wait..
xox, V


Orange juice

Top Zara, Cardigan H&M, Shoes Vans, Watch Oozoo

I never thought that I would like anything orange, but I have to admit I really like this top. I bought it months ago and it's a perfect base for the color-blocking theme. I think in combination with pink this orange does it really good, although my green shorts or blue jacket are perfect with it.
The summer is full of colors and I am loving it!


Pretty pastel

Top Zara, Leather look jacket Zara, Necklaces Mi Casa

Please give us summer instead of these rainy days!



Because I was so busy with my personal 'favs of this season' blogs, I wasn't able to blog anything else. It a shame.
My parents went to Ibiza a couple of weeks ago and brought me something really special. Therefore, I still wanted it to share with you guys!
My mom bought me this beautiful vintage jacket on one of Ibiza's famous markets. It's a unique piece, which makes it even more special than it already is. She told me that she wanted to bring me something special, and I think she couldn't succeed more in that. The pattern makes my think of the Baroque, because of the gold and black etc. I'm very proud of it and it's one of the most beautiful pieces I own.
xox, V 


Rock&Roll favs

- Jersey blazer Zara
- Vintage jacket from Ibiza
- Denim jacket Chick with Guns
- Oversized striped T-shirt Zara
- Leather dress SisterS Point
- Leather pants H&M and self-bleached/destroyed jeans G-star
- Self-painted denim shorts Only
- Leather shorts SisterS Point

I am into almost every style, but this is definitely my favorite style of all. I love oversized, destroyed and leather clothes with an edgy edge. Of course Kate Moss is THE icon when you talk about the rock & roll style. She outfits are so damn striking. Every time I see a picture of her, I get inspired.
xox, V


Romantic lace favs

- Grey dress Yumi
- Cream lace 60's dress Yumi
- Cream lace dress Molly Bracken
- Romantic grey T-shirt dress Molly Bracken
- Oversized lace top Molly Bracken
- Self-made ShoeBag (school art project)
- Chanel inspired necklaces Primark

Like you can see, Yumi and Molly Bracken are my favorites if you talk about cute lace dresses and tops. These 2 brands create a perfect balance between lovely materials and strong designs.
The designs are mostly inspired by the 60's and Chanel, which I both totally love. Therefore, it's not surprising that I am also in love the mix of these two.
Sometimes, it's just nice to be a girly girl for a moment.

Living in the stronger version of yourself helps you to survive, but showing your soft side helps you being able to love.

xox, V


Floral favs

- Pastel shorts Derhy
- Pink floral skirt Smash
- Fake leather jacket Zara
- Floral harem pants New Look
- Pastel blouse Zara
- Shiny bolero Zara
- Soft pink flower vest River Island
- Red flower bag H&M

My favorite thing about these floral prints is that they are so adorable and when you combine it with pastels, it gets a sweet touch.
My favorite of these items is the pink floral vest, because you don't see the use of this material very often. Also my fake leather jacket (which really looks like real leather!) is one of my favorites. Sometimes, these floral prints need a tough edge and such a jacket is perfect so this.

Nature will cheer up your closet this summer, so bring it on!
xox, V