Floral favs

- Pastel shorts Derhy
- Pink floral skirt Smash
- Fake leather jacket Zara
- Floral harem pants New Look
- Pastel blouse Zara
- Shiny bolero Zara
- Soft pink flower vest River Island
- Red flower bag H&M

My favorite thing about these floral prints is that they are so adorable and when you combine it with pastels, it gets a sweet touch.
My favorite of these items is the pink floral vest, because you don't see the use of this material very often. Also my fake leather jacket (which really looks like real leather!) is one of my favorites. Sometimes, these floral prints need a tough edge and such a jacket is perfect so this.

Nature will cheer up your closet this summer, so bring it on!
xox, V

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  1. Nice blog and nice clothes :)
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  2. That rosette jacket is SO cool, love it!

  3. I am loving that pink floral jacket, in the 3rd to last picture!
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  4. Me too I looove flower dresses!
    Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3