Boots Kiboots, Top Zara

This is what I call a customized outfit. Once in a while, I jump into my closet to see which pieces I do not wear anymore, but which are still nice and wearable.
This time, I was dying to buy some demin shorts, but I couldn't find the right one. So I took my scissors and cut some of my old jeans which I do not wear anymore. And there you go: now I have plenty of denim shorts!
The same story is for these brown socks I wore with this outfit. Last winter, I bought some dark brown tights, because I thought I needed them. But actually I never ever wore them. And ever since I was searching for overknee socks (which I think are hard to find), I cut the upper part of these tights and now I have overknee socks. How simple is that?
You don't need money to create, you just need a little fantasy.
Good luck!
xox, V

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